Founding The Legacy Cultural Centre! L.C.C… Your Legacy is OUR Legacy!


Activism is also where you choose to put your money! This is a project conducted by someone in my circle, Pharaoh Freeman and I fully appreciate the focus on one of the most marginalized people in this world, the so-called negro, black people. This learning center will be focusing on the higher learning that our people used to master effortlessly. Growing up, school didn’t respond to my abilities, because there was no understanding of the way my mind worked due to my genetic heritage. Similar to when my daughter was born, I was introduced to the western way of raising a baby thru books given by health workers, which was presented as absolute, but was actually fostering my child to be weak, and the old ways of my people was having better results. That’s when being educated by another culture has potential to be detrimental tho presented as modern & standard. I am all for higher education that responds to the abilities of the so-called black people, and open enough to welcome those unable to fit in a system too blind for human care ». – W. just sharing the news


Here’s a short project explanation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2B81TMSKFnY


With our youth failing school, desperately trying to find their identity, while battling bullying, and the absence of a parent or in some cases both parents. The community has expressed their need for a new facility to provide the support services that are necessary to nurture and support the proper development of the community. 

This center will serve as a holistic meeting place for our communal activities as well as a place where we will educate and mentor individuals of all ages. The facility will also house students and provide space for community supported events. The ownership of the property housing the Legacy Center is an intelligent endeavor, because it enables our present and future generation to benefit from a community asset

 – Pharaoh Freeman

The Goal is to Raise $500,000.00 (Five Hundred Thousand Dollars) 
To purchase a two-story building to house 
The Legacy Cultural Centre! L.C.C… Your Legacy is OUR Legacy! 

What is the OFC? The OneFullCircle organization (OFC) is a nonprofit, bi- lingual, membership-funded community. Consisting of a diverse array of individuals, and entrepreneurs, open to all ages. OFC is based on Genuine Love for all humanity and desire to empower the black community.

Here’s the link to donate: http://www.gofundme.com/bosx18

– By Mail: 
5015 Maurice st
St-Hubert, Qc 
J3Y 2N3 
(Checks/Money Orders In the name of: Arc Foundation 2010) 
– Email transfer: OFC6514545@gmail.com
(Please Text Password To: 514-651-4545) 
– In person: By appointment contact 514-651-4545
– http://TheOFC.org 

Past Accomplishments & Affiliations: 
School Tour: http://youtu.be/6m15cMltc7g 
West-Can Folk: http://youtu.be/-G4yMLgfkDU  
OFC:  http://youtu.be/jkikiLpwTZI  



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