Voici le nouveau vidéoclip d’Erykah Badu, intitulé «Out My Mind, Just In Time (Movement II)».

Creative Control et Erykah Badu continuent leur collaboration en offrant une suite au titre «Out My Mind, Just In Time» de son dernier album New Amerykah, Pt. 2: Return Of The Ankh, sortie le 30 mars 2010. Le clip est réalisé par Erykah Badu et elle nous explique dans ses propres mots le processus créatif derrière ce vidéo:

“The first movement is called ‘Recovering Undercover Over-lover.’ It actually sums up the whole album, because I’m talking about love and emotion – ‘I need you to do this,’ ‘I want you to do this,’ ‘You make me feel like this,’ ‘Why don’t you feel like this?’ It’s typical of how you feel in relationships. The second movement is called … ‘Easier Said Than Done,’ and it’s about how hard it is to change after you’ve been in a relationship for so long. And then the third movement is called ‘But Not This Time,’ because even though I’ve done things a certain way for so long, I won’t do that this time”.

Erykah Badu – Out My Mind, Just In Time (Movement II)

Erykah Badu – Out Of My Mind, Just In Time (Movement One)